The Monet In Impression The Tent In Strength

The Monet In Impression, The Tent In Strength

For those who have a basic understanding of art, it is well known that Monet( Full name Claude Monet), featured by creating with light and shadow, is hailed as the “Father of Impressionism.” 2016 is the 90th anniversary of Claude Monet’s death, and Liri Tent provided a “mobile museum” for the Monet art exhibition held recently.

The Monet In Impression

The Brand New Form Of Technology

The Monet Impression: Time and Flash Show, In the form of new science and technology, showed a historical treasures masterpiece of art, its novel, vivid, interesting forms of interaction, escaping from the traditional static art educational form, has brought the audience a shocking, direct viewing experience. This is not only a classic art appreciation, it is a revolution in the aesthetic education. It is highly welcome by not only the children, the general audience, even artists, designers and other professionals.

The Tent In Strength

More Imaginative Mobile Exhibition Hall

Liri Tent customized a 25x50m exhibition tent and offered a creative space solution for this exhibition. The tent is surrounded and re-decorated by the ornamental panels. And the flexibility of the tent is well combined with the art. All these make the application of the event space more imaginative.

Monet art exhibition

More Practical Event Space

In the area of over 1,200 square meters exhibition hall, it makes audiences cognize and appreciate Monet’s work from different angles. Inside the tent, the super utilization of space provides audiences with a more pleasant viewing experience. Audiences can step into the painting and interact with Monet, walk along the hall and read the life of a master, enjoy the multi-sensory audio-visual feast of music interweaving with light and shadow, or hold your breath, open your mind and enjoy the time of arts with your family.

exhibition tent

More Professional Exhibition Tent Supplier

Began in 1997, so far Liri Tent has been offering exhibition hall solutions for many large-scale exhibition show activities. For example, China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, ASEAN Expo, other major machinery exhibitions, Furniture shows and clothing exhibitions.

Liri Tent

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