The Most Affordable Place Where One Can Hire Party Marquees

The most affordable place which you could hire the party marquees on your big day can be found at LIRI TENT,These party marquees are fantastic for all types of parties.

They have catering services for all private parties,social events and corporate functions. They offer their services for all minor and major gatherings. They refer to clean,well conditioned and quality marquees. These party marquees are suitable for all venues and surfaces for example tennis court,parks,private homes and public venues. These stylish and well-designed marquees are specifically prepared by trained staff to complement the very best standards. These are made to be weather-proof for your convenient with the users.

Structure marquees are available in a number of sizes and colors to suit all events and choices. They are available in four different sizes in accordance to their widths; these include 6m,10m,12m and 15m. It has a ceiling at a good height which is quite suitable for entertainment services at the functions. These structure marquees have side walls black and roof white,there are also black roof and white walls and many other flat liners with different colors. Frame marquees are available in sizes such as 3m x 3m,3m x 6m,6m x 6m,6m x 9m,6m x 12m and 9m x 9m. Their liners are available in colors such as ecru and black,while sides are either clear or white. They are suitable for small functions and can easily fit into small and tight areas.

Rope and pole marquees are also available for party hire. They are ideal for weddings and garden settings. These possess center poles and are available in interior colors such as champagne and ecru. Party equipment available for hiring also include flooring and lighting. Flooring such as carpets,synthetic grass,coir matting,timber floor,pro-floor gray plastic,floor boards,dance floors and timber decking is available at reasonable rates. Hiring services include party equipment hire such as party lighting. The party hire in this category includes roof lighting,wall up lights,disco lights,lanterns,fairy lights,chandeliers,and garden lighting.

Wedding is one the most special days in the life of a person. The venue for the wedding should be selected with proper consideration.

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    I am wanting a see through tent marquee for a 21st at home on the 24th of December would this be available?

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