The Party Tent 4 Suggestions Held a Beautiful Wedding in a Tent

A tent reception can be an exceptionally beautiful and unique experience for the bridal couple as well as their guests. The variety and sizes of tents that are available today make finding something that fits your personal style easy and affordable. Clear top tents let you dance beneath the starlit sky and flat top frame tents provide you with an open and welcoming feel without supporting poles blocking the way. You can choose a tent without sides or one with French window sidewalls. Whatever tent you select, you will need the right lighting, flowers, fabrics, and favors to make it a gorgeous oasis for your guests.

1. Use Lighting to Create Drama

The lighting of your reception tent is extremely important. By using some simple tricks, you can create an elegant escape or a fun and festive celebration. Twinkle lights, in white or colors, are often used in tent receptions; hidden in garlands, draped along ceiling panels, or strung in plants and shrubs. Other lighting options include spotlights with colored gels that create dramatic patterns on walls, floors or ceilings. For those who want a classic, romantic feel, candles create a dreamy and mysterious ambiance that could be just the right touch. A plethora of candle holders are available and make wonderful centerpieces. Blinking balloons can create a fun and casual tone to your event that your guests will love. Whatever your style, lighting is an important factor in creating the right atmosphere for your reception.

2. Bring Nature Indoors

Through the aid of well-placed flowers, trees, and shrubs, your guests may be able to forget they are even in a tent. Fill corners with beautiful flowering shrubs or trees. Disguise support poles with vines and bouquets. Add fragrance to elaborate floral centerpieces. A nice twist on the traditional cut flowers for the table is to have a living arrangement that your guests can take home and plant in their garden or keep in the house, a continuous reminder of your special day. Flowers can add color and excitement to your event with a subtlety that your guests will surely appreciate.

3. Surround Yourself with Sumptuous Satins

In order to really transform a reception tent, creative use of fabrics is essential. From luxurious panels draped across the ceiling to tantalizing tulle-adorned support poles, fabrics can create depth and contrast to the harsh lines of the tent. Soften doorways by swathing them in flowing chiffon. Emphasize your head table with curtains of lace as a backdrop. Evaluate your tent and accentuate the highlights while downplaying any possible negative aspects. With a little imagination, you can create a completely unique and ethereal feeling for your reception.

4. Finish with Wedding Favor Flair

Complete your decor with corresponding favors that complement the surrounding motif. Very often, a well thought out favor can be the final touch needed to create a cohesive design for your reception, uniting the various elements around them. Whatever theme you use for your reception, you can use favors to heighten your guest’s experience. From exquisite floral designs to magical butterfly creations, elegant silver to fun-filled beach mementos, has a wide selection of wedding favors that will coordinate with your overall design.

With these simple techniques, you can create a magnificent venue for your reception. However, don’t forget the little details, too. Think about if you need flooring for the entire tent or just the dance floor. Are there any sound ordinances in the area that might affect your party? Do you have enough parking and restrooms for your guests? Do you have enough power for the caterers, musicians, and lighting? Is there a contingency plan in case of extremely bad weather? Once you have answered these simple questions and created your own design plan, you will have a wonderful reception that is uniquely your own that your guests will absolutely adore.

Beautiful Wedding in a Tent Wedding Tent

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