The Tents Latest Concept Multi Layered Tent

The Bunk Tents have a unique aesthetic appearance and are always high quality which has won favor from a majority of customers domestically and internationally since its launch in 2012. The Bunk Tents are widely used in large-scale activities such as soccer, golf, equestrian, and racing. It seems like it still could not solve the problem of limited temporary outdoor space, so Liri Tent developed the multi-layered tents, this concept comes from Germany.
The multi-layered tent uses a modular design which can follow multiple shapes, sizes, configurations, installations, designed arc headliner cone roofs, tip headliner, and so on. It can be set up into two or three layers so you can set it up into two or three layers. You can take the same upper space as the lower space and can also be built on the upper smaller building, thus leaving more of the viewing platform. For example, the first floor can be set up as a lounge, the second floor can be designed as a restaurant, and the third floor can be designed for a VIP room. Each function can meet the specific needs.
The multi-layered tent is also made of a modular system like the traditional clear span structure and the length can be extended by 5m bay distance without a limit. It is the same as a normal structure which has many optional accessories to make it multi-functional.
These accessories include:
-Clear roof or wall
-Weight plates
-Silk lining
-Glass/ABS hard wall and door system
-Sandwich panel wall
-Steel panel wall
– Sliding wall
-Sliding door
-Rolling shutter
– Flooring and guttering system
-Round ends
-Front view balcony
-One bay outdistance
Liri multi-layered tent is always strong and durable with 100km/h wind speeding and with a special design for the ADDS curved beams. It also includes the roof bar tensioning system which helps it reach a higher wind speeding and show loading capacity.
The multi-layered tent has no poles internally which makes it more spacious than other pole tents, frame tents, or steel tent designs. It is a great tent for events like golf, horse racing, car racing, and sports events, and so on.

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