Tianjin China Yinlian Bei The Ninth International Beer Festival

The event took place at Tianjin Le Yuan on the night of July 24th,2009. The Tianjin Government and China Commercial Union held this festival and the theme was “Happy Tianjin, Happy Beer”.  Over 30,000 guests came to the opening ceremony and the event lasted for 10 days ending on 2nd of August. Over 250,000 people took part in this happy event. Zhuhai Liri Tent provided one 30x45m large beer tent for their partner Snow Beer Tianjin & Beijing Branch. This tent was the biggest tent at the festival in both span and area size. The tent itself could seat 1,000 guests and provide a comfortable and capacious area for all the guests. This large Snow Beer Tent, guests, and the Snow Beer were the main attractions at the event. Snow Beer won the most popular beer prize at the event.

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