Tingstao International Beer Festival

During the 18th Tingstao International Beer Festival from September 19 to October 5th in 2008, Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co. Ltd. provided 14 Big tents which were 16,000 square meters in total. It had the biggest area and drinking area in history. Our Big tents for the beer festival were striped in red and white and had a blue and white cover. The quality is according to the German standards and certified by TUV Germany. The steward of the Tsingtao Beer Festival said “The Big tents made by Liri Tents can compare with the Big tents of Munchen, Germany from the appearance and decoration. Last time was our first time to work with Liri Tent. Their workers were highly efficient and had nice service. Good quality products ensure us of its safety. So for the 18th festival, we trust Liri Tent will install and maintain the Big tents well.”
As the only national grade beer festival in China, the Tsingtao International Beer Festival aimed at “Oriental Munchen Oktoberfest”. During this situation, we did our best to cooperate with the organizer to design and decorate the inside of the Big Tents according to the German styles. There is no requirement regarding the decoration ceiling or the sling decoration or lining. Liri Tent presented tents perfectly with those of the Munchen style. The guests from all over the world drank beers inside the Big tents,walked among the most famous beer brands in the world, felt the beer culture from different ethnicities, and enjoyed the special event of the “Oriental Munchen Oktoberfest” with full passion.

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