Together With the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Resumed Liri Tent Makes Its Debut

19-20 March 2016, held for 11 years of the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival as once again about the region.

As usual, the Pan-PRD prepared a wealth of exciting events for the majority of fans, and the food and entertainment of the racing temple fair is certainly indispensable.  Meanwhile, as the annual change of the the Pan-PRD this year, the Malacca Cultural Festival also will be the first airborne  in the Pan-PRD and brings  us a different exotic.

Aluminum alloy

As the specify tent supplier for numerous sporting events in china, Liri Tent certainly can not miss such a grand ceremony, and you  can see the figure of Liri Tent in the competition of the ticket office,rest area as well as the showroom and everywhere, and with the characteristics of  wind-resistant, water-proof  and ultraviolet-proof , Liri Tent can be a guardians for the athletes and spectators.

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