Top Sales Rewarded With a Trip to Thailand.

Established in 1997, Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd became the biggest company in Chinese tent industry after the trials and hardships for almost 20 years, with total assets of 120 million Yuan and nearly 500 employees. In 2014, Liri Tents sales performance hit a new high record both at home and abroad. To honor the outstanding salesmen and strengthen their sense of responsibility and honor, the company organized a six-day trip to Bangkok and Ban Phatthaya in Thailand.

During the trip to Thailand, we enjoyed Thai folk dance, visited the glorious Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keo, experienced the religious Buddhist culture in Thailand, and boated Menam River–the Mother River of Thailand. Furthermore, we mounted the romantic and beautiful Pearl Island, experienced the exotic culture in Ban Phatthaya and tasted the delicious tropical fruits. We were happy and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and different culture all along the way.

After this trip, we everyone in Liri Tent are closer and create a united and progressive atmosphere, and whats more, the company’s cohesion power is strengthened. It demonstrates the human-oriented management concept of Liri Tent, which will always broaden employees horizons and cultivate their taste to strengthen their sense of honor as the employees in Liri Tent.

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