Unite and forge ahead for 20 years

One person pick firewood is not enough, but many people pick firewood will make the fire burn high. One can burden little, but many people will move thousands of mountains. A line is easy to break, 10,000 lines can pull the ship. Liri tents is a small workshop in the 1997 year, and now it is a well-known at home and abroad with nearly 500 people tents enterprises, which is relying on all the people who are united as one.

LIRI Liri tent company

With excellent quality, rich experience, and teamwork spirit, Liri tent has completed the tent projects for the China Import and Export Fair, China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo, Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships, China Tennis Open, Asian Games, Universiade And other large-scale activities.

Air show tent spire tent exhibition hall

A drop of water only into the sea will never dry up, a person will be most powerful only when he is in a team. Liri people have ups and downs for 20 years, meet with numerous challenges, and grow together with the company. 20 years may be a long history for a company, but for us, it is the school year, everything has just begun.

outdoor employees employees

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