What did LIRI TENTS do in 2015

1.Liri Tent Has Become The Very First “Gunagdong Famous Trademark” in Tent Industry
Liri Tent Technology” being awarded as the Guangdong Famous Trademark,held by Zhuhai Liri Tent Tent Technology CO.,Ltd. this famous trademark makes Lri Tent the very first tent enterprise who owns Guangdong Famous Trademark in the whole tent industry.

2.The first high-tech tent enterprise
Liri Tent,as leading brand with great influence and high-end brand image in the tent industry,has been focusing on the development and innovation of tent system,and concerning required products and solutions to our customers. Based on ours numbers of core intellectual properties,as well as independent research &development and continual increasing on investment R&D and other reasons,Liri Tent becomes the first “High-tech Enterprises in tent industry.

3.Liri Marching toward an Innovative and Changeable Journey along with Canton Fair
Liri Tent specializes in outdoor tents.Since the beginning of the 90th Fair,Liri Tent continuously service for the Canton Fair for 14 years,and now,in its 14 years. In these 15 years,Liri Tents remains the best attitude,good service for every session of Canton Fair.

4.Liri Tent challenges itself,Designated tent supplier as 2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships
2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships will have opening ceremony in Bird Nest on August 22. Liri Tent,designated as the exclusive tent supplier of the tournament sporting events,provide its high-quality with good appearance products on the court and become a beautiful landscape,causing China Daily,Sohu Sports,Chinese Entrepreneurs and a number of media attention.
As a sponsor of the World Championship,Liri tents deserve the name of tents industry leader and pioneer of national brands. The cooperation with several top events marks Liri Tents step by step toward the international stage,moreover it reflects that the Organizing Committee highly recognize Liri Tents brand and quality.

5.WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai,Liri Tent is there with you.
As the leader of China’s tent industry,the largest tent supplier for high-class sport events,Liri Tent is now officially supporting the Zhuhai WTA Elite Trophy as its exclusive tent supplier and one of the sponsors,providing large outdoor aluminum-PVC tents for this event. Liri Tent and WTA,are together fighting for China’s top professional tennis match.

6. Liri Tent cooperates with Equestrianism once and again!
The preparation work of the Equestrian Masters has been ready,and also the construction work has been completed by Liri Tent. After 5 days of working 24 hours,staffs from Liri Tent have successfully completed the installation of tents to ensure the smooth development of the event.
In the arena,LIRI tents form a beautiful landscape with uniform white Double Decker Tents and Pagoda Tents,which not only highlights the elegant equestrian sport,but also provides a 360-degree viewing angle for spectators. Liri Tent as the tents supplier of the Equestrian Masters,all tasks were finished perfectly,which ensured the smooth progress of this grand event. Let’s meet in 2016!

7.Liri Double Decker Tent Wins “The Beauty of Made in China” Innovation Award
Liri Arcum Double Decker Tent along with other products selected from 2600 competing quality products had accepted their awards which represent forefront quality trophy and certificates.
With the best design concept of the world,Liri Tent R&D group always keep the request of “flexibility,aesthetics and safety” in mind. After 9 month’s innovation,Liri Tent improve the interchangeability of arcum tent,changing arcum roof shape into A-shape tent easily,which help our customers save the cost. Also this design acquires the China national patent with patent No.: ZL201520433483.4.

8.Liri Tent—The Top Brand in Tent Industry after 20 years development
The Beauty of Made In China Committee released the 30 leading enterprises in China,which has attracted widespread public attention. In this released report,Liri Tent is honored to be the leading enterprise in the tent industry of China.

9.Exclusive tent supplier for China Open
Since 2013 years,when began the China Open,Liri Tent formed a relationship with the China Open as strategic partners. As China Opens Tent exclusive sponsor and supplier,Liri Tent again become the focus of China tents industry to support China Open,to provide logistical services,receive all visitors.Liri Tent is the leading brands of tents in China,which was trusted by all Chinese. To become one of the worlds top five brands tents,integrity,quality,efficient and flexible services,has won praise from the China Open official.

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