Why You Should Hire a Marquee For Corporate Events

When organizing corporate presentations for large audiences or hospitality events for the product launches at outdoor shows, it is essential to make the right impression.

You want to make sure that your guests and prospective clients feel welcomed, comfortable and that they are visually impressed by the way you present your company. They will be expecting a high standard of both your choice of venue and the way in which you organize your corporate event.

Corporate Marquees

Marquee hire is an excellent solution for both corporate and hospitality events alike, as temporary exhibition structure. They offer the professional look you require in terms of creating the right impression or wow factor to new and existing clients. By being relatively large structures, marquees help to portray your company as a much larger organization than it actually is.

Advantages of Corporate Marquee Hire

Being able to style and layout your corporate event in the way that you want to, rather than being confined to a certain shape or space, is key to the popularity and success of marquee hire. If you run out of space, you can always attach a second or third marquee to your main tent. You could even hold separate parts of your event in individual marquees on the same plot of land, depending upon available space obviously.

Most large corporate shows do just like this, choosing to hire a large marquee for the main event and additional smaller marquees for catering and bar areas.

Expandability is a clear advantage that marquees have over most corporate event venues and exhibition centers. Most indoor venues are fixed in what they can offer in terms of more space or differently shaped arenas, simply by the shape and size of the building they are in. They are unable to compete with the expandability of marquee hire.

Individual Corporate Events

Marquees have the added benefit of offering corporate event organizers a flexible internal area to decorate and furnish. With modern marquee design, internal support structures are no longer necessary, so the entire indoor area is available for customization. Though some other indoor event venues are able to offer this, marquees have the added advantage of usually being located on the open ground.

Being located on ground level, allows marquees to accommodate large pre-build exhibition stands, heavy objects such as audio/visual and recording equipment and promotional vehicles such as cars & caravans. Even hospitality porter cabins and catering service vehicles can easily be incorporated into your event inside your marquee, which cuts down set-up times and costs.

With such large customized interiors, marquees are an ideal venue solution for companies who are organizing corporate shows and exhibitions which need to be individual and personalized. A marquee can be easily transformed from an ordinary tent into a visually appealing venue, with drapes, atmospheric lighting, stage sets and multimedia screens.

As marquees are such big structures, the interior space allows lighting rigs and video camera scaffold to be set up. This is great if you require your corporate event to be broadcast on television or streamed over the internet.

Total Corporate Event Management

Many marquees hire companies nowadays offer a tailor-made corporate event planning and management service as well as hiring marquees, such as offering corporate event decor design and furniture rental and even catering and mobile bar services.

Additionally, with the increasing popularity of the internet, particularly within the business world, wireless internet access, audio/visual presentation equipment, and staging structures are also sometimes offered by marquee hire companies to complete your corporate event.

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