Winter Solution Improvements of Snow Load Capability of Tent

In the north of China, winter is already there, the windy and snowy weather is severe. Therefore, we must pay more attention to tents’ capability of wind and snow loading.

The aluminum structure tents from Liri Tent are strong enough to stand such kind of extreme weather. It owes to the use of reinforced aluminum 6061/T6 and blocks out 850g/㎡ double PVC-coated polyester textile with thickness over 5mm. Furthermore, such kind of PVC is retardant to flame, hard to be torn and endurant to freeze. The feasible temperature ranges from﹣30 to 70 centigrade,The Tent snow loading is 25KG/m2,50KG/m2,75KG/m2.
In recent years, more and more clients from Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan Provinces and Beijing City prefer the heavy snow loading tents from Liri Tent. Our tents can withstand heavy snow with the proper and regular fixation. In overseas markets, Liri snow-resistant tents also enjoy a preference by clients from Russia, Sweden and Ukraine and so on.
In order to enhance the snow loading, the sharper spire and smaller roof picture are recommended as shown in the following picture.

When using tents in the snowy weather, the following points require more attention:
1. The snow is coming, we must reinforce the tents and check whether the tents are fixed in a firm way or not;
2. In the heavy snowy weather, heating facilities should be required for the inside of the tents for speeding up the melting of snow on the roof  cover;
3. In the heavy snowy weather, the snow accumulated in the roof cover should be removed in time lest it overweighs the volume of snow that the tents can stand;
4. The tents can be used as a short-term temporary building, not suggested for long-term outdoor operation. Otherwise, it should be supervised by specially-assigned persons.

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