Wonderful Begining in 2016. LIRI Tent Has Been a Success From the Start in this Year of Monkey

Nice rain always knew right time which just fell in spring.  21 Feb,eighth day the first lunar month. Zhuhai LIRI Tent Technology Co.,Ltd started operation formally.

A good start with sound of firecrackers. Liriers were coveying New Year greetings each other with excited mood. Harmoniousand prosperous scene was emerged.

50 to 200 CNY red envelopes were distributed to LIRI staffs in 2016,closely followed by red envelopes of offices. Everyone almost got Double red envelopes.

In the year of hopes,challenges and opportunities,Liriers have entered operational status from leisure status of Chinese Spring Festival. Liriers are on a new jouney now. The works are proceeding smoothly,everything is going on in a good order.

LIRI would like to thank all old and new customers,suppliers and liriers for their support and trust over the years,and wish you all happiness,good health and prosperity in new year!

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