World Class Tent Shelters at America’s Cup Racing

Originated in the mid-19th century, Americas Cup so far has been 150 years of history, the Americas Cup sailing race is the most influential, the most prestigious events. America’s Cup and the Olympic Games, World Cup and Formula One racing are known as “the worlds four most influential traditional sporting events.”

The finals of last years top events also took the worlds top tent system, a company provided some tents for the 72–foot catamarans and their impressive 134–foot wing sails for two competitive racing teams and the race management. Tents were set up at Pier 30 / 32 in San Francisco, all tents equipped with water and electricity systems and advanced IT systems.

The Tents resolve the issues affecting container attachments, as well as the specific operational requirements of each racing team. Perhaps the most significant challenge was meeting the stringent and varied building code requirements that the training and race venues enforce, along with compliance to AS/NZ Code, the new ASCE 7–10 U.S. Engineering Code. Among the most demanding design challenges was the San Francisco Port Authority Code, which demanded structures that could safely withstand wind speeds of up to 87 miles per hour.

While all eyes are gathered in the race, the event tents also played an important role in the success of this remarkable event. Coincidentally, Liri Tent also successfully participated in last years China Cup in Shenzhen, successfully created the image of the Chinas top sporting events partners.

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