Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd Build a Celebration Tent for Zhuhai Science & Technology Creative Industrial Park

The Industrial Park held the foundation stone laying ceremony on February 25th.
It is located in the Xinqing Six Road, Xinqing Science& Technology Industrial Park which is near Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd.
The white PVC roof cover, blue carpet, and dazzle lights make the tent looks simple but elegant.

It is known as the largest and most splendor project in Doumen district.
The first phase of this Industrial Park will be finished within 2 years. Then Doumen district will have the first Five Star Hotel.
The Industrial Park covers 216000 square meters including 63000 building area. The whole project will cost almost 6.3 billion Yuan.

The Industrial Park consists of five sections, the headquarters of the Industrial Park,5A office building, Five-star Hotel, high-level commercial center and
Executive apartment.  The whole building will become the first industrial town in Zhuhai, which including business, finance, shopping, culture, and entertainment.

The Industrial Park will take over the second and the tertiary industry from Hong Kong and Macao and also import the HQ economy form other cities in China.
A very famous E-Business company is planning to build his new office in this Industrial Park.
After two years, Doumen Xinqing Science& Technology Industrial Park will be not only an industrial city but also a new city, which including business, finance, shopping, culture, and entertainment.

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