Zhuhai Liri Tent’s Clear Span Aluminum Decagon Tent Won the Honorable Mention of

The ” Beauty of Made in China” 2013 annual award ceremony was held successfully on December 6th in New Hilton Hotel, Guangzhou city, it is a great annual event co-hosted by China Industrial Design Association, Southern Weekend and;

Zhuhai Liri tent attend this royal award ceremony and wins the Honorable Mention in the Building Materials Selections by the latest design Clear Span Aluminum Decagon Tent;
Three decades of reform and opening up,”Made in China” won an absolute overseas market, but also left the obstacles of upgrading and transformation. At the national strategic level, from the perspective of sustainable development, Chinese enterprises upgrade and become transformation imperatively. The first step must discard cheap brand and create a national brand. Let the world has a new improved on the value quality and taste of made in China the products.
Zhuhai Liri Tent adheres to independent innovation over the years. Under the leadership of Chief Engineer Mr. Liang Weimin, the”Made in China” gradually goes forward to the “Created in China”. It sets an example to actively promote the transformation and upgrading of national enterprises, strive to get rid of “cheap inferior” hat and is gradually from simply export goods over to a full stop exporting higher value-added services. It has established a good brand effect in many countries and regions. Zhuhai Liri Tent as a leader sets a good example of learning model for domestic enterprises.
It is expected in the near future, all national enterprises can embark on the road of healthy development of independent innovation and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s cause.

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