LIRI TENT’s 10 breakthrough in 2016

Recalling the busy 2016, the tent industry has shown explosive growth,especially since the “Strong Commitment To The Development Of Assembly-building” was issued by the State Council. As the leader intent industry, Liri Tent made a lot of breakthroughs in 2016. We have sorted 10 key breakthroughs to share with you, which cannot be without your great supports.

  1. To achieve the worldwide top tent by cooperating with Serge Ferrari

Liri reached a strategic partnership with Serge Ferrari to build the worldwide top tent, which is the PVC fabric top supplier in France. And Liri also became the only authorized partner of the Serge Ferrari in China. Serge Ferrari is the leader in the flexible composites industry, and the cooperation with Serge Ferrari makes Liri’s quality even better.

worldwide top tent spherical awning room

  1. The Double Decker won the title of“High-tech Products”

The Double Decker Tent, independently researched and developed by Liri Tent, was obtained the title “Guangdong High-tech Products” which is identified by Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise Association and gained the national invention patent. Liri Double Decker has created a new situation in the Chinese tent industry and has won the favor from the majority of domestic and foreign customers with its unique shape and superior quality since it was launched.

High Peak Double Decker Tent Double Decker tent

  1. To achieve the trendiest annual meeting by the 50m large-span transparent tent.

 50m large clear-span, 3,500sqm without poles inside, 500sqm vast stage, which can accommodate 2,000 people, Liri Tent built the largest outdoor transparent tent in the world, and achieved the trendiest annual grand ceremony, both wonderful starry sky and spectacular showplace take in everything in a glance.

50m large span transparent tent transparent tent

  1. Liri Tent assisted the International top events once again

After the European Tour – Swedish Golf Masters, the European Games and the FIA Formula One Championships, Liri Tent assisted the International top event again. Liri was appointed to be the tent supplier of the 2016 U.S. Professional Golf Tour(PGA) Puerto Rico Open, to further strengthen the worldwide brand influence.

liri events tent Double Decker

  1. Liri Tent contracted East Asia Commodities Exhibition with 8m-eave height temporary exhibition hall

Liri Tent provided the East Asia Commodities Exhibition with a total exhibition area 14,000sqm of temporary exhibition halls, the 40m-span, and 8m-eave height dome tents. Where the exhibition located was just a wasteland originally, with no buildings and supporting facilities, and Liri achieved the transformation from the wasteland to the grand exhibition hall in a short period of 90 days.

temporary exhibition hall indoor temporary exhibition hall tent

  1. The 60 years, 120 sessions between Liri Tent and Canton Fair

Canton Fair held twice each year since the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou, and never be stopped for 60 years. By 2016, 120 sessions have been held. Liri have been being the tent supplier of Canton Fair since 2001, and Liri gained the trust of sponsor for 15 consecutive years with Liri’s high quality and service.

Liri Tent and Canton Fair Canton Fair exhibition tent

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