2018 Beijing International Equestrian Masters Competition is closed successfully

All of the lights, 70-meter transparent VIP tent Equestrian events

The 8th Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters Competition was successfully completed in the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) last week. This is the fourth time that Liri Tent has provided temporary space solutions in the Bird’s Nest. It’s more than 7,000 square meters including a VIP dining area, auditorium area, news media area, preparation area, surrounding the commercial area and stable area.

All of the lights, 70-meter transparent VIP tent

Transparent tent Interior Transparent tent

Compared with last year, this year’s Bird’s Nest Equestrian Masters Competition has a brand new look. The ultra-large transparent tent is tailor-made for the first international Equestrian Federation (FEI) four-star event in China, especially used in VIP dining and viewing areas. The all-transparent tent has a spacious area and good daylighting, which provide a more open view to the audience here. Whether it is the natural light during the day or the lighting effect at night, it’ all beautiful; even during the afternoon tea can enjoy the wonderful events.

large Transparent tent outdoors Transparent tent for sale luxury Transparent tent

The 5m super spacious open-air viewing platform

outdoors Transparent tent Transparent tent for sale spectators stand

The 5-meter open-air viewing platform that extends from the VIP transparent tent along the direction of the racecourse is the biggest highlight of the International Equestrian Masters Event. Standing here, you can closely watch the equestrian competition and enjoy the heroic position of rider and the horse. Even Yuyan Peng and Xinru Lin are also here to watch the equestrian competition, by occupying a good position in advance, you may accidentally witness the elegant style of star guests from the perspective of close friends.

Equestrian events tent

clear tent

clear tent for sale

Liri new lightweight scaffolding series

All the tents of this year’s Equestrian Masters Event in Bird’s Nest use Liri’s new lightweight scaffolding series. One purpose is to ensure the quickness and safety of building the tents on the lawn, and the other purpose is to raise the ground of the tents by 55-135 cm which can instantly closes the distance between the stadium and the audience area by providing an excellent higher view.

double deck tent party tent spire tent

Completed more than 7,000 square meters of tents within 3 days and 2 nights

The construction and withdrawal time of the Equestrian Masters Competition in Bird’s Nest is very urgent every year while this year is no exception. In the early morning after ending of the Chinese New Song Finals on October 7, the Liri Tent team was officially entered so to make the time seamless joint. It’s not easy to build tents in the stadium since all grounds need to be protected very well. The difficulty of driving trucks make the results in extremely inconvenient to unload cargo; poor light at night for construction also increased obstacles.  It is Liri engineering team has overcome all these difficulties, and uninterrupted construction of day and night to ensure that more than 7,000 square meters of tents can be successfully built and put into use in such a short period of time, making tasks that are almost impossible to complete successfully. In order not to delay the following performance in the Bird’s Nest, the Liri engineering team removed all the 7,000-square-meter tents within 24 hours after the ending of the International Equestrian Masters Competition on the afternoon of the 15th and quickly restored the original appearance of the Bird’s Nest.

The 5m super spacious open-air viewing platform

After 8 years of enriching the competition items and continuously improving the professionalism of the competition, the Beijing International Equestrian Masters Event has become the leader of the domestic equestrian events. Liri Tent has also become a label and business card of the Beijing International Equestrian Masters Event. While promoting the charm of equestrianism to more people, we also show the entrepreneurial spirit and strength of the Liri Tent: Every time we are serious of providing better temporary solutions; We are obliged to improve the viewing sensory of each event and we will do our best.

2018 Beijing International Equestrian Masters

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