2022 Annual Review

The new factory is under construction

In order to achieve a better and faster development, continue to write a new colorful chapter In 2022, the new factory of Liri Architecture is officially start construction. The factory area is about 70,000sqm, it is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2023, at that time the production capacity will be doubled. The appearance of the new factory area will be completely changed, with a new start, a new image, and a new look, showing that Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong)  Co., Ltd has entered a new stage of development.

2022 Annual Review 5

Tents for 2022 Winter Olympic Games

The main area for the construction of the Yanqing venues for the 2022 Winter Olympic Game is dominated by mountains. In view of the rough location and bad temperature conditions,

Liri Architecture has overcome many difficulties and it took more than 4 months to finish all the construction. Including big family lounge, big family restaurant, press conference hall, snow groomer maintenance garage, parking garage, and media center, handed in a beautiful “green report card” to the world.

2022 Annual Review 2

Building 50,000sqm Tents within 4 days which used as temporary hospital to prevent COVID-19 pandemic in Shanghai

The epidemic in Shanghai was raging, and Liri Architecture responded immediately, and traveled 1,600 kilometers to site within two days. Building 50,000sqm Tents within 4 days which used as temporary hospital.

2022 Annual Review 6

Electric Push-Pull Structure open a new age for Modular Sport Venue

The Electric Push-Pull Structure is more flexible than ordinary indoor stadiums, the width of the structure can be more than 35m. The roof is divided into two parts in the middle, and use the electric remote control to open and close the roof. The Modular steel overhead track makes the movement more smoothly. You can enjoy the outdoor/indoor modes with one button at any time. The fabric is fragmented design, easy for installation and maintenance.

2022 Annual Review 7

Liri A providing Event Tents for 2022 Beijing Marathon

Liri Architecture build a Cube Thermal Tent which used as VIP Restroom for 2022 Beijing Marathon. All clear glass wall around, people can enjoy the outside view comfortably, and the top roof lining create a higher quality environment. We can also build a platform on the side of the tent which can enjoy all the view on site.

Liri Architecture supplied 4 sets temporary tents for this event which used as VIP Room, Men and Women Locker Room and Office.

2022 Annual Review 8

Innovative Modular Aluminum Retractable Tent create a new concept of push and pull on the ground.

Liri Architecture Modular Aluminum Retractable Tent has two modes, manual and electric, compared with other factory’s tents, the advantages of our tent:

  1. Aluminum modular design
  2. PVC Roof Cover is fragmented design
  3. The first scissor nylon roller system
  4. Modular design
  5. Easy for transportation
  6. Easy to get the approval for construction

2022 Annual Review 9

Big Basketball Court Build one after another

Build Modular Movable Basketball Court

Liri Architecture Basketball Court can be customized, install professional energy-saving LED lights to ensure a bright indoor sports environment, and can put solid wood sports floor to meet the requirements of professional competition venues, and can also carry out indoor construction and electronics at will. All the Equipment installation with ultra-high flexibility.

2022 Annual Review 3

2022 Annual Review 4

LIRI Big Tent for A City Culture Event in Foshan

A 30m span big aluminum tent was erected for this city culture event. To solve the problem of uneven grass on the site, we used a simple scaffolding platform with wooden floor laid on the surface, which not only solved the problem of uneven ground and prevented water from coming inside.

Our clearspan tent structure has broad applicability, making it convenient to install various dance lighting systems, stages, audio, electronic screens, and other electronic equipment to create a beautiful event venue.

2022 Annual Review 10

A Variety of Mobile Tents for International Sports Events

As the official tent supplier, Liri Architecture did a great supporting job to international sports events such as the Hangzhou Asian Games (test events) and the Chengdu Summer World University Games (test events).

In order to create a safer and more comfortable stadium and provide athletes with a more comfortable place, Liri Architecture has provided various tents that are used for epidemic prevention, security inspection, sunshades, lounges, temporary offices, etc, providing a one-stop solution for this sports event.

2022 Annual Review 11

25m Event Dome for 2022 Beijing Fashion Week Opening Ceremony

Liri Architecture using its 25m geodesic dome created a gorgeous fashion show site.

The inner layer of the dome is designed with opaque material in black color, which makes a better internal lighting effect, and creates a beautiful stage. The beams of different colors match different themes, creating a fantastic collision between fashion and technology, bringing an immersive experience.

2022 Annual Review 1

LIRI Has Been with China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo for 24 Years

Liri Architecture cooperated with Airshow China again in 2022. As the official tent supplier for the most distinctive airshow in history, Liri Architecture started construction in October, dispatched nearly 300 construction workers, and provided 14 different shapes of tents that are used for different purposes. Our tents are the icing on the cake for this air show.

2022 Annual Review 13

A Variety of Tipi Tents for Glamping Sites

The design of the original ecological cone-shaped fir pays tribute to the originality and respects the inheritance of ancient culture. The selection of materials for the cone-shaped fir poles is strict and one-of-a-kind. It not only has fine texture and good durability, but also reveals a natural atmosphere, making the tent more alive.

Different types of Tipi tents can be used for different applications to create a unique glamping tent, including accommodation, reception, events, catering, etc.

2022 Annual Review 14

Featured Glamping Sites Providing Luxury and Enjoyable Camping Experience

Glamping tents can be built in different locations, such as forests, beaches, lakesides, river banks, deserts, and even cliffs, getting rid of the geographical constraints of traditional hotels, and creating a real sense of immersion from the actual sense of consumers. Let guests live in harmony with nature.

2022 Annual Review 15

The First Combination of Prefabricated Structure and Tensioned Membrane Structure with National Design Patent Certificate Awarded

LIRI Multi Peak Glamping Safari Tent, the tensioned membrane structure of the multi-peak, adopts a new type of membrane material with PVDF coated on the surface, which has a soft and beautiful appearance. At night, it can emit soft and bright light from the inside. The overall exterior wall of aluminum alloy framed glass curtain wall and metal carved panels create a more textured wall system.

2022 Annual Review 16

Research and Development of Wood Structure Panorama Dome Tent

Panorama dome tent constructed with wood has the dome shape and the oval shape. There are various specifications and sizes to meet different needs for accommodation. The large transparent PVC window design expands the indoor field of vision and creates an illusion of being outside, making the outdoor camping more enjoyable!

Time flies and a year is about to pass. In the face of repeated epidemics in 2022, Liri Architecture still has made remarkable achievements, which are credited to every Liri employee. As 2023 is approaching, there are full of hope and challenges ahead, and we are about to embark on a new journey to a bright future.

2022 Annual Review 17

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