60M Clear Span Tent for Basketball Court Video

A large tent with a clear span of 60 meters is a good choice for an indoor basketball court. This large basketball court is a polygon aluminum alloy canopy, and the canopy is partially transparent. In the tent, there are standard basketball courts, large stands, and wonderful lights. Different from traditional indoor basketball courts, clear span tents used as sports venues with a short construction period, fast putting into use, and customized size based on the actual site. They can be used as temporary venues or semi-permanent buildings, which are convenient, flexible, and unique in appearance. With more than 20 years of experience, Liri Tent has developed and manufactured a variety of sports tents to serve many sports events and used as sports venues. For example, the clear span tent can be used as a tennis court, indoor football field, equestrian field, fencing hall, badminton court, and so on.

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  1. Good Morning Do You Have Tents Shiped to WA State and can one of your salesman get in contact with me Thank You.

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