Asian Games Flame Liri Glory

The flame ignites, bringing a city full of happy people. The Asian Games Torch Relay was very successful last year in Zhuhai city. As the exclusive supplier of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the president of Liri Tent was chosen as a torchbearer and finished the task of the event. On October 16th,2012, the Liri staff participated and shared in the grand scene of the 16th Asian Games Torch Relay. The event brought harmony, happiness, and passion to the 1,500,000 people that live in the city. The people waved the national flag and the Asian Games flag. The event brought a lot of smiles to the faces of those who attended the exciting event.

The Liri staff was very excited when they saw the president get off the torchbearer bus. They shouted, “Come on, President Chen”. All the staff cheered again and again. President Chen wore a sports suit and she looked very valiant and heroic. She waved at us repeatedly. The 60th torch was ignited in the president’s hand as everybody felt the fiery passion in their hearts. We shouted,“Come on Asian Games, Liri come on”. The heartfelt pride, movement, and happiness made us experience the relay with sanctity and devoutness. In our heart, there was a resounding “Long live our Motherland”.

As the exclusive tent supplier of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, we have been working hard for the spirit of the Olympics to make the tents safe and strong. We will always maintain the keyed-up fighting spirit and face challenges boldly. The purpose of the soaring industry tents is to show the strong power of our country and the prosperity of the society!

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