Awnings Engraved in the Asian Ones Room of History

A.D. Nov 27,2010 . The huge ship “harmonious Asia” Set sail 16 days have finished the Short and happy journey of Guangzhou Asian Olympic Games 16 days victories, defeats, sad, happy, sweetness and bitterness accompanying, changes to surge ardor on the sea heart sand island Crossed this page, Asian Games becomes a memory in Guangzhou. Crossed this page, Liri engraves in the history of Asian Games. Fervor grand pageant, Liri elegant demeanor! 150 days and nights, all the staffs from Liri Tent struggle on the Asian Games front. Not let people downs, fully complete the supply and safeguard of the Asian Games tent. No matter the security area or VIP stand. No matter the restroom of athlete and judge or the service center of the volunteer. No matter the license sell store or the information service center. 50,000 square meter Liri tent maintains the most outstanding posture throughout, stands erect in the Asian Games athletic field. Liri Tent as the leader in the tent industry and the forthqoer in nation brand. Has left the beautiful figure and the steady step in Guangzhou Asian Games. Henceforth, you become mature, and carry on large-scale activity experience is richer. Your name Has already written down in 2010 the Guangzhou Asian Games historical annals.

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