Event Tents for 2019 WTA Finals Video

This video shows you various tents of LIRI TENT in 2019 WTA Finals. There are double-decker tents, flat-top tents, modular tents, and small tents. The indoor double-decker tent serves as the viewing area, providing the audience with a full range of viewing. Inside of the tent was arranged into temporary meeting halls and rest areas. At the scene of the event, it is easy to attract attention to our modular tents. The shape of the cube can be combined with serval tents and arranged into the space you need. The stylish look complements the sponsor’s advertisements for this event, making the entire tent more lively. It can be used for an exhibition hall, reception area and so on. LIRI TENT has been deeply involved in the development and production of prefabricated tents building for more than 20 years. It is committed to providing high-quality temporary indoor space solutions for various exhibitions, events, weddings, and industries. Customized suitable and individual tents for your events now!

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  1. Hi i am in Botswana and interested in your tents.

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