For your safety, please choose Liri Marquee

The big marquee is often used in exhibitions,outdoor weddings,outdoor promotions,celebrations,receptions,sports activities,product promotion,festivals (art festival,beer festival,food festival),semi-permanent storage,emergency relief,outdoor public activities,and so on. The structure of the marquee is composed of bracket and covers. As everyone knows there are always a lot of uncertain factors in outdoor activities. So the security and safety during the activities are very important,as is the protection from the sun,rain,and other unpredictable weather that might occur. Many people use the inflatable tents,supporting rod tents,folding tents,sunshade,or makeshifts shelters because of its low cost. This can be good if you want to save money but you want to consider the safety of the tent. For example,when the inflatable tent is faced with strong wind,heavy rain,or a power outage occurs,the activity is interrupted and could even endanger the safety of the people. Folding tents have an advantage of simplicity in its structure,but the interior decoration can not be extended. Also,its weather-resistant ability is very poor which will result in people getting sweaty on a sunny day or wet on a rainy day.

Tents for outdoor exhibitions and promotional activities will need to be more safe and weather-resistant. It is good to pay close attention so that you will be better prepared and never let your guard down. Our marquee tents are stable,rainproof,and fire retardant which is up to the standards of Europe and the United States. We make the frameworks with high strength light weight aluminum alloy material as the fixed bracket. Liri marquee tents are easy to dismantle,convenient to store,small in volume,and easy for transportation. The cover of the tent uses double-coated PVC fabric,with self-cleaning technology on its surface,resistance ability of solarization,and anti-UV.

Zhuhai Liri Architecture Technology Co., Ltd with its fantastic creativity and thoughtful service go by the international standards. We strive to help you get the best quality for a great price.

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