Liri 50m Party Tent at Hennessy Music Party

2013 Hennessy Artistry last month, landing in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou local fashionistas detonated music party trend. More fans to bring an extraordinary party experience.

The music party was held in the rain, music, party tents provided by the beads Liri tents, party tents Liri music party to ensure the smooth progress. The party activities used in tents Day 50 m span is Koreas big party tents, tents dimensions are 50mX70m, tents side height is 6 m, ceiling height is 14 meters, can accommodate about 2,000 people. The Music Party Tent has two main purposes, tents for the first part of the stage and auditorium; tents for the latter part of the brand and product showcase free tasting area.

It is worth mentioning is that the music party tents from the consignor to build only took 48 hours, the challenge once again Liri Tent perfectly meet the needs of customers. Quality tents, only Korea Day!

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