Liri Hotel Tent With High Peak Effect Video

Liri round tent with a high peak, ABS walls, glass walls, glass doors for hotel usage. The popular solution as movable hotel marquee and catering tent.

Movable Hotel Marquee of LIRI in Hilton Kuwait Resort. With elegant facade, LIRI Marquee is convenient and flexible to set up. It is widely used in lots of outdoor events, an especially outdoor restaurant in the hotel.

Hotel banquet marquee changes the traditional way to hold an event. Instead of the normal event at home or in the hotel, outdoor banquet marquee has humanization selectivity to offer pastoralism. It can be built on mountains and plains, sandy beach, seaside, lawn etc.

There are various optional accessories can be offered which widen the use and function of banquet marquee.  Common accessories have — sidewalls with PVC transparent windows, ground anchor, weight plate, roof lining, glass door, glass walls, ABS hard walls, whole clear roof covers and walls, flooring system, rain gutter, half- hexagon side and high peak roof.

Banquet marquee was designed with advanced technology. Safety and firmness, 80km/h ( wind load 0.3 kN/sqm), easy to uninstall and small volume to store.

All of LIRI restaurant marquees are made of fire-proof & anti-aging fabric and superior aluminum materials. Therefore, they are endurable and can be used repeatedly. There are lots of methods to fix them, so never worry about environmental disruption. Economical and environmental protection is also the advantage of LIRI marquees.

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