Liri Tent-A Company Committed to Shouldering Social Responsibility

Not long after the severe earthquake in Sichuan Province occurred in 2013, the whole country launched a massive movement to aid those who were affected by the unexpected disaster. Within a couple of weeks, a newly built hospital came into sight and the area started to clear up.

Three days after the earthquake, Ms. Chen Li, the CEO of Liri Tent contacted the Red Cross in order to donate and install 3 tents in the affected area. The tents were used as temporary hospitals and classrooms. Then soon after Liri Tent donated 3 tents, our company donated 10 sets of Aluminum tents to Wenchuan and Yushu. In order for the highly specialized new products to be adopted in the damaged area, the company sent several engineer staff to direct the installation of the tents.

“As a private sector with a sense of social responsibility, if you want to contribute to the society to make it better, you must attempt to continuously enhance the economic strength. Only in this way will the endeavor for social welfare become solid and last for a long time.” Said Ms. Chen Li, CEO of Liri Tent. Over the years, Liri Tent has massively developed in development and has competed with other companies through hard work and perseverance.

Established in 1997, Zhuhai Liri Tent Co., Ltd. has become the leading company in self-designing, manufacturing, and renting of aluminum tents. Liri Tent is one of the earliest and largest aluminum tent manufacturers in China. All of our operations are strictly conducted in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 quality control standards, and is strictly manufactured by the European safety standard. The main frameworks are manufactured by hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy, the covers and sidewalls are made of flame-retardant double PVC-coated polyester textile. The clear-span of our tents are available from 3m to 60m and the available shapes include A-shapes, dome shapes, square pagoda shapes, high peak conversions, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal, and more. In the past years, we have succeeded in supplying tents for Zhuhai Aviation Exposition, Canton Fair, and China ASEAN exposition as well as other events, fairs, and festivals in both domestic and abroad. According to the latest exportation statistics from the customs, Liri Tent is among the first of the companies in the aluminum tent industry.

The success of Liri Tent is tightly combined with the effort of the company owner. The chief manager, as well as the owner Mr. Liang Weiming, who graduated from Technology College of Wuhan, started his research for the production of double-PVC coated fabric and technology in Zhuhai in the 1990’s. He became the forerunner for technology creation and new product innovation. Motivated by the phrase “no limit for technology, no boundary for innovation”, he solved technical problems one after another and thus achieved many positive results. For example, through hard work, earnest research, and exploration, he succeeded in changing the connection method for roof covers and frame of the Pagoda tent which indirectly solved the problem for inefficient installation and possible sliding of the fabric.

The general idea is that the beauty of Liri Tent accounts for not only the perfect designs but also the pure heart of the founders and operators in this era. It helps motivate us to devote ourselves to the positive energy of our nation and society.

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