Liri Tent & Ferrari, Building World Top Level Tents For You

Recently, Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. and French industrial group Serge Ferrari–the top class fabric supplier in the world has reached a strategic cooperation to make top-level tents. Liri Tent, as the largest tents production, rental and selling company in China, is not only a well-known brand with a good reputation in China, but also widely favored by overseas buyers, and tents from Liri Tent have been exported worldwide. In the tent industry, Liri Tent is the sole official authorized Chinese partner of Ferrari. Liri Tent owns a large inventory of Ferrari PVC fabric, which can be used to customize your tents with Ferrari fabric making high-quality tent products for you.

French industrial group -Serge Ferrari, is the leader in the flexible composite material. Ferraris unique prestressing force patent–Précontraint provides Ferrari composite materials with unique advantages :

Exceptional dimensional stability
Long last mechanical strength
Extreme flatness
Thicker coating at the top of the yarns
Anti-fouling surface treatment

In addition, Serge Ferrari uses Texyloop technology, a kind of recycling technology aims at the regeneration of polyester, which gives the flexible composite material a second life. This technology provides convenience to the implementation of environmental protection programs, which is in line with the need of wide range environmental remediation.

For more information about Ferrari fabric, please contact LIRI TENT online customer service by WeChat or Tel: +86 756 6250688

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