Liri Tent Fire Safety Training and Fire Drill

In order to enhance employees’ fire safety awareness and self-projection ability, Liri Tent organized all staff to carry out the fire safety training activities, to teach them the basic safety knowledge and fire extinguishing method.

By sharing pictures and videos, the Director Mrs. Xie made a list of some big fire accidents that occurred in recent years. Combined with different situations of using fire and electricity in work and life,
She explained the causes of accidents and the hazards caused by these accidents. And taught them the self-defense, self-rescue and survival skills when a fire occurs. She also introduced the instructions and precautions of different fire extinguishers.

In order to help them master the fire fighting skills, she also prepared fire and fire extinguishers on site for them to practice.

Through this training, employees’ fire safety awareness and self-defense has been greatly improved. It was a successful training, it will not only benefit the staff themselves, but also the whole society.

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  1. Md sohan sikder 2020-06-26 at 08:18 Reply

    I want a fire traning certigicate 3 or 5 days course only.please help me

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