Liri Tent is the Luxury Lineup Sponsors of China Open

China Open was founded in 2004, regularly held in Beijing every year. China Open also has the right to host the three major international tennis event, such as the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Women’s Tennis Association (WTA),theInternational Tennis Federation (ITF) and so on. It is the most equipment, the highest level, the most players’ international tennis tournament in Asia. It is the after the four Grand Slam events an overall level of this competition.

The bonus of 2014 China Open is about $8100000, $5580000 for ATP WTA,and $2520000 for ATP. Due to the event level and the continuously upgraded bonus, the China Open attracted 9 singles world first players,11 Grand Slam singles champions, including the women team leading by Serena Williams, Li Na, Sharapova and the men team leading by the worlds top two Djokovic and Nadal. The teams can be called the top luxury, almost comparable to four grand slam.

As a tents suppliers and sponsors, Liri Tent have also joined the “lineup” in this year.Liri provided a 9000m2 outdoor tent for the event, in which a 30mx110m inflatable flat roof double-decker tent for a total area of 6600m2 as a VIP customer reception Restaurant. The main characteristics of this flat roof double-decker tent are can expand your “area”. You can get the double activity area and double space in the projection area of the same size. You can overlooking, open field of vision when you stand on the balcony of double-decker tent. The balcony is the best choice as a sports VIP audience!

Liri Tent was founded in the year 1997. It is the first company to produce and design the commercial-purpose tent in China. It independently developed and produced the 3m-60m tent systems such as A shape tent, double-decker tent, curve tent, dome tents,multi-sides high peak tent etc., mainly used in the event, exhibition and storage. For more than ten years, Liri Tent has been partners of many sports events. In the year 1999, Liri supplied tents for Macao International Beach volleyball. Liri was appointed as the exclusive tent sponsor of the 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games and provided over 60,000 m2 for the event. In the same year, Liri supplied various size tents for the World Cup in South Africa and The Commonwealth Games in India. Liri designated tent suppliers of the 2011 Shanzhen World University Games with over 40,000m2 tents provided. Liri Awarded the official tent supplier and sponsor of 2013 China Grand Rally. Liri Tent also joined the “lineup” as a tent supplier and sponsor of China Open 2014.

China Open was founded in 2004, Liri Tent was founded in the year 1997.


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