Liri Tent Sponsored the 2012 Guangzhou Marathon Race

The 2012 Guangzhou Marathon Expo was held in the South Plaza of Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center from November 15th to November 17th. This event attracted more than 20,000 athletes including professional marathon runners from all over the world and over 10,000 marathon enthusiasts.
We had the opportunity to provide sports tents at both the starting line and the finish line of the race. The tents are mainly used as dressing rooms for the athletes, warehouses for the organizational committee, finishing line statistics, office, the lounge for the VIP and referees, temporary medical room, and media center. In addition, Liri Tent also provided a large outdoor exhibition hall for Guangzhou Marathon Expo.

The marathon race has been known as “the world’s most lonely games”, which is a struggle against itself. The biggest highlight of the marathon is the synchronized symphony featuring ‘Movement Pace’ and ‘Music Rhythm’.

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