Liri Tent’s 2012 Spring Festival Evening Event

On February 1st,2012, Liri Tent Company held an evening party to celebrate the 2012 Spring Festival. The whole staff attended this grand party; everyone expressed their best wishes and hoped for the company to continue its prosperity in the New Year.

During the lucky draw, everybody was excited because of the big prizes being offered during the event. Such as a 32ft LCD TV, digital camera, Nokia Mobile phone, and a 200RMB coupon. When the LCD TV was about to be awarded, everyone hoped that they would get picked for the big prize.

Some staff created a music show on stage, which added more attractiveness and happiness. The traditional cucurbit flute, guitar, and singing were played during the event. The performances brought outbursts of applause.

At the party, there were some employees commended for their outstanding work during the past year. They hoped to devote themselves to excellent work in 2012 and the coming future.

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