LIRI Tents for The 2nd China International Circus Festival

We have been looking forward to the day and night,finally,the 2nd China International Circus Festival was opened in the Circus New Pavilion of Zhuhai Hengqin Chime-long International Sea Resort on 1st November.

This circus festival brings together the worlds top 30 circus acrobatics team from 20 countries,carries out the game,summitforum and public performances in a 12-day race schedule.During the festival,more than 20,000 people from all walks of life in different places are free to watch circus performance,include migrant workers,vulnerable families,construction workers,labourmodel and sanitation workers etc.. Two theme of “Wonderful Circus Festival · Zhuhai-Macao One Family” public benefit show are held in the Hengqin Campus of Macau University.

Last night,the circus festival has entered the competition part,the climactic showdown at the scene. Clown from USA,”Blood and Sweat BMW” of Turkmenistan,Sweden Magic,North Koreas “Air Person”,Chinese rope acrobatics and other international-class acrobatic show unveiled one by one,amazed all the audience.

The smoothly of the circus festival is depended on the preparation of all aspects. LIRI TENT provide the security tents for this circus festival,ensure the coordination of different part,from security to recount,from customer service guidance to the venue order.How can you misss such a wonderfcircus festival? LIRI TENT has built the tents and prepare the small stools at outside the Pavilion to be waiting for your coming!!!

Pagoda Tent outdoor tent

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