Smog and haze could cause a variety of respiratory diseases

Recently, the haze in North China has been beyond index, it’s so heavy that makes a new record of this year. Haze shrouded area was expanded to 530,000 square kilometers, which leads to the beyond index rate of PM2.5 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and areas in Guanzhong plain. Some landmarks buildings “disappeared” in the haze, you cannot even see each other if you are in two buildings with dozes meters between; The drivers cannot see the traffic lights clearly when they near to the road crosses; The hospital receives more patients of respiratory diseases.

Smog and haze could cause a variety of respiratory diseases, however, there are many people insist doing outdoor exercise even under such serious air pollution, It can be hardly called as a healthy exercise from the medical and health point of view.

In weather as such, it almost becomes a luxury to do outdoor exercise.Luckily, Liri sports tents offer you a good solution to this problem.

Liri sports tents do not need a permanent foundation, can be built in almost any ground —- asphalt, concrete or grass,etc., and can be set up over the swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts and other courts for outdoor sports.

Liri sports tents can be equipped with air purification equipment to ensure the quality of indoor air during the smog and haze weather. In addition, Liri sports tents can withstand heavy snow, heavy rain, and other weather conditions, which provides you with weather-proof solutions for outdoor exercise.

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