Sport Event Tents for The 7th CISM Military World Games Video

As the tent supplier of the 7th CISM Military World Games, Liri Tent has helped the international large-scale sports events to be carried out smoothly once again, providing event tents for various project venues, enabling partners to quickly create temporary building space in an open space. This video shows you 117 tents built by Liri Tent for various sports venues of the games, providing about 7,000 square meters of temporary indoor space. The tents are used as lounges, dining rooms, conference rooms, medical rooms, preparation areas, and logistics areas. Our aluminum alloy frame tents can be built quickly, easy to disassemble after use. The modular structure is easy to transport and placement, with great flexibility. At present, more and more event organizers choose such tents as their event venue, either as semi-permanent buildings or temporary interior space, with high efficiency, low cost and wide range of self-control.

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