Taking the Time Machine to Look for the Liri Tent’s Growing.

Quickly, the time in 2018 is running low. I wonder how many goals have been completed at the beginning of the year. For Liri, 2018 is a year of both fulfilling and challenging. Looking back at the footprints that Liri has grown up, and detailing the challenges that Liri has finished this year.

Keyword No. 1.: the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition

During the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in 2018, Liri supplied over 80000sqm tent halls used for Security, restaurants, temporary pavilions, VIP rooms, and many other functions, to be the largest tent supplier of the Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.

In addition to demonstrating China’s military strength with advanced technology, as well as Liri style assembled tent buildings across the Exhibition center, let the world see the power of Made In China.

Big Tent Big Tent for sale

Key Word No.2: The fabricated sports tent structure

Talking about the successful application cases in 2018, Liri offers various design and sizes sports tent, to lead the new transformation direction of the stadium buildings.

Indoor Football Field

World Fighting Hall

Red clay tennis Hall

Western Comprehensive  Basketball Hall

Basketball field on the rooftop

NBA Basketball Field

Indoor Football Field Fabric Buildings outdoor football sports canopy Fight venue tent Fight venue tent for sale Tennis Canopy Tent outdoor Basketball court tent Basketball court tent structure Basketball Court Cover utdoor transparent Basketball court tent

Keyword No.3: Sports tent structure

Liri Tent to be a normal supplier for various of the Advanced events at home and aboard, always to upgrade the products continue to provide more and more perfect solutions. Following the important projects:

2018 Beijing International Equestrian Masters

2018 Chinese Equestrian Tour Beijing JuYongGuan Great Wall Station

2018LPGA Crown Cup Korea Women’s Golf Tournament

Double Decker Tent for Equestrian Beijing Masters Sports Event transparency event tent Double Decker Tent

Keyword No.4:Luxury event tent

As the luxury event supplier, Liri witness a lot of excellent moments.

Ball Screen Theater & light Festival

The Midea group 50th celebration

Guangzhou Jaguar new product Conference

Qingdao international beer festival

Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology

Geodesic Dome Projection Geodesic Dome Projection interior Spherical projection awning room projection effect meeting tent conference tent for sale event tent Qingdao Beer Festival Event Tent Large Event Tents

Keyword No.5: Industrial warehouse tent

Warehouse Tent of World’s top five hundred

Hangar tent in Inner Mongolia

Large Industrial Tents Hangar Tent Hangar Tent for sale

New breakthroughs in new field and products

Research and development

Regarding the technology research and development, we will keep progress. In 2018 Liri has the following results:


Hotel tent

Founded the hotel tent brand – Moxuanju Architecture Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd,  major in the hotel tent, and successfully developed a variety of new products for the market.

Modular Box Tent Double Peak Hotel Tent luxury Double Peak Hotel Tent Yurt Tent

Scaffolding platform system

The height is adjustable, and the tent building is seamlessly connected with the ground plane, which perfectly solves the problem that the ground is uneven or large drop.

Bleachers Outdoor Bleachers for sale

Scaffolding bleachers

It can improve the viewing experience of the event and avoid crowding the scene.

Indoor Spectators Stand shape Spectators Stand

80m Clear span big tent

Successfully developed a series of large-span tents with a maximum span of 80 meters.

80m tent large 80m tent

In 2018, Terriers will take the 2019 flight again to face the new challenges, explore new practices, expand new ideas, to upgrade our products and services to a better level.

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