Tent Rental

The cost of tents can be expensive so most of the time renting a tent is the preferential choice. The framework of the tent is aluminum alloy, with the roof cover of PVC fabric being waterproof, ultraviolet resistant, and flame retardant. The most popular aluminum structures in the tent series are being used in car and real estate expositions in major cities all over China.
Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Company has become the first and largest leading company in the Chinese tent market since it started in 1997. The company has cooperated with the China Import and Export Fair for 16 consecutive years. The outside appearance of the tent looks huge and like a house in terms of its shape, so it earned the name marquee. The tent rental has become a dispensable part of many exhibitions, activities, and ceremonies.

Here are the 11 steps for tent rental:
-The host should consult with the tent renting company according to the scale of the exhibition or activity.
-The tent renting company gives suggestions to the host and gets a better understanding of the requirements.
-The terrace plan of the host should be presented.
-The tent rental company provides a layout plan of the renting project regarding the terrace plan or virtual measurement.
-The host can arrange the situation of booths or other compositions on with the layout plan of the rental project.
-The tent rental company and the host sign the rental contract after confirmation of the price.
-The tent rental company starts to work on the project after receiving the deposit.
-The host of the exhibition or activity prepares to furnish the booths or other arrangements.
-The host of the exhibition or activity enjoys the tents while the tent company is responsible for the maintenance.
-The tents will then be dismantled after the exhibition. Both sides sign the completion of the project bill.
-The tent rental company makes out the invoice and deals with the balance.

Renting tents will help save the cost of storage, transportation, installation, and labor. Zhuhai Liri Tent has over 500,000 square meters of leasable tents for rental stock. We welcome your consultation for renting tents and will provide the best service for you!

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