Warmly welcome the Air Show China, Liri Love Zhuhai, and Increase the Brilliance for It.

Liri Tent is awarded the title of “The 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibitions Tent Construction Special Service Provider”.

On the afternoon of September 28, 2018, the signing ceremony and awarding ceremony of the 12th China International Aerospace Exhibition Special Service Provider was officially held in Zhuhai. Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology CO., LTD was awarded the title of “The 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibitions Tent Construction Special Service Provider”, with the exhibition team continuing to struggle and write a new chapter.

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Nearly 80,000 square meters of assembled tent building [Unprecedented Scale]

China Air Show is currently one of the world’s five most internationally influential airshows and the largest blue sky event in China. Liri Tent provided nearly 80,000 square meters of assembled tent buildings for this year’s air show, making it the best of previous air shows. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that there are a total of 14 tent buildings, two of double-decker VIP reception halls, and the rest of the tent buildings span 50 meters and the longest length reaches 200 meters. They are used for: security check hall, accreditation hall, ticket hall, temporary exhibition hall, mobile hangar, audience restaurant, temporary warehouse, vehicle parking area, etc., which will provide more convenient and caring services for exhibitors, guests and audiences.

Big awning tent Double Decker Tent Huge Tent Hall Warmly welcome the Air Show Chinatent for sale

There was no rest during the National Day holiday, and about 200 tent installers worked on the site to build up the tents for this air show.

The 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be held in Zhuhai from November 6th to 11th, 2018. In order to finish the tent installation of 80,000sqm in time, Liri decided to arrange overtime work during the National Day Holiday,called about 200 employees and all kinds of large-scale mechanical installation equipments, and went to the air show hall for on-site installation and construction, which speed up the tent halls construction, ensuring the smooth progress of the air show, making this air show a more successful and brilliant blue sky event.

tent frame Aluminium alloy frame outdoors tent indoor Aluminium alloy tent

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